Free Printables | Beth & Kyle’s Little Man Baby Shower

UPDATE: You can now get these games and more in a variety of colors and themes in my Etsy shop!

See end of page for free printables.

Kyle & Beth Wakefield Baby Shower pose with mustache props

I’m going to be an aunt! Kyle and Beth, my brother and sister-in-law, are going to have a baby boy in June. So when we found out they were coming into town all the way from California, we knew we had to throw a baby shower to help welcome little Logan Andrew into the world:) Kyle (one to usually know exactly what he wants) let us know that he wanted a couple’s shower, and that they’d really love a little man theme. So…we had a starting point… and we knew we wanted to include mustaches and ties, but Mom and I knew we would have to seek the help of the internet to make this shower awesome (…since I, of course, insisted on a DIY shower). We found some great ideas over at The Chronicles of Us, and Sarcasm 101 and, of course, all over Pinterest… I don’t know how anyone ever planned events without it! Once we had all of our games and decorations decided, the party planning committee commenced! Kyle even joined in on the fun thanks to the magic of Skype:) I was too busy keeping everybody on task to pick up my camera, but fortunately Mom took a break or two to grab some shots…

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women planning little man baby shower

Our menu was light and fun, including a chocolate fountain, peanut butter and banana sandwiches, Aunt Eva’s famous party punch, and a sweet “little man” cake and mustache cupcakes. Thanks to Renee’s napkin rolling abilities, we even had bow tie napkin and utensil sets!

Little Man Baby Shower Food & Decor

Guests were greeted at our activities table where they could get in on the games, from guessing the number of kisses in the jar to “Words for the Wee Hours” (For details and rules on all the games and activities as well as free printables, jump to below the pictures).

Little Man Baby Shower Games

As you can see, we also made props and had them lying around on the tables so that guests could pose for fun photos:)

Little Man Baby Shower Games Diaper Notes

Little Man Baby Shower Games Rattle Relay

For my gift for little Logan, I had Kyle ship some of his old tee shirts to me. I found a tutorial and patterns for upcycled shortalls over at Feather’s Flights. This was my first attempt at chothesmaking, but they turned out super cute thanks to her awesome tutorial!


So our Little Man baby shower was a smashing success, and although we hated to let Kyle and Beth head back to California, we were happy they enjoyed the party!

Game rules and free printables:

Looking for these games in a different color, size, or other customization? Stop by my Etsy shop!

I Mustache You For a Kiss [kmp]Mustache You for a Kiss: Guess the number of kisses in the jar. The guest who guesses the closest without going over wins the jar of kisses. I found “it’s a boy” kisses at Michaels.

[click to download mustache you for a kiss printable PDF]


Clothespin Game for Little Man Theme Baby ShowerThe Clothespin Game:  Each guest gets a clothespin as they arrive. If you hear anyone say “baby” you can take their pin. The person at the end with the most pins wins. I cut bow ties out of fleece and hot glued them to the pins because I had some scraps lying around, but you could use felt or any material you’ve got lying around the house.

[click to download clothespin printable PDF]

words for wee hours for little man theme baby shower [kmp]
Words for the Wee Hours:  Provide diapers and sharpies for guests to write words of wisdom or little chuckles for mom and dad to read when they change the little one’s diapers in the “wee hours” of the morning.

[click to download Words for the Wee hours printable PDF]

Baby Name Scramble:  Write the baby’s name at the top of the paper (or have it posted so people can see spelling) and give guests 60 seconds to come up with as many words as possible using the letters in the name. If mom and dad haven’t decided on a name for the baby yet, you can use baby related words or other words that go along with your theme.

Measure the Belly: For this game, pass around string or ribbon and a pair of scissors. Guests cut a piece of string that they think will be the size around mommy’s belly. Since we had a couple’s shower, we changed things up a bit and instead of just Beth’s belly we had Beth and Kyle stand back to back and we measured around them both:)

Rattle Relay: For this one, you split the room into two even teams (and be sure not to tell them what they’re signing up for!). The teams line up facing each other and the person at the start of each line is handed a rattle tied to a very long string. Once the music starts, each team has to get the rattle from the start of the line to the end… by weaving it through their clothes. In other words, the first person drops the rattle down their shirt and pants, and the next person has to take the rattle up from the bottom, next person down the shirt and so on (Since leggings are now quite popular, we ended up just having everyone weave through shirts so it wouldn’t get stuck). Once the rattle gets to the end and the team thinks they’ve won, let everyone know it’s not over until the rattle makes it all the way back!

Little Man Baby Shower | Krysteena Marie Photography

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27 thoughts on “Free Printables | Beth & Kyle’s Little Man Baby Shower

  1. Scott says:

    Ms. Wakefield–

    I am a subscriber to your blog and a fellow blogger. I wanted to congratulate you for what I think is an outstanding post.

    Your essay reflects so much – your passion for your family (congrats on your pending aunthood), your resourcefulness in planning the event (ever consider adding party planning to your arsenal?), and your ability to capture the energy and emotion through your photography.

    What a pleasant start to my morning. Congratulations again – on many levels!

    Take care,

  2. Gina Blake says:

    Scott, if she would listen to her mom(me) she would definately add party planning to her arsenal. Call me prejudice, but this girl is a genius and she is so amazing with all of her talents! Great job as always girl! Love the presentation!!!

  3. Alex says:

    How can I print the “Words for the Wee hours” printable? I printed the link but I like your fonts that you used and I’m pretty much computer stupid… 🙂

    • Krysteena Marie says:

      Hi Alex,
      Click any of the links that say “click to download…” to open the file. When you open the printable that you would like to have, an adobe menu may pop up on the bottom right if you have adobe reader installed. Click the printer icon to print, or the disk icon to save. If you do not see the menu, right click the image and click “save as” to save it to your computer so that you can keep and print the file. Hope that helps! …if not, comment, or email me at 🙂

    • Krysteena Marie says:

      I finally got the punch recipe from Aunt Eva! Here it is for anyone who would like to give it a try!
      Mix together in a 1 gallon jug preferably an empty water or milk jug. Two packs of Kool-Aid small packs what ever color you want your punch to be. One large can pineapple juice and 2 cups of sugar. Shake all contents really well then add water to finish filling the Jug but leave room for it to expand in the freezer, probably 1 to 2 inches from the top. Put in freezer. Before serving pull out of freezer to partially thaw, but still slushy. I usually cut Jug in half or a larger hole in jug to get it out when it comes time to serve it. When serving add Half a bottle of gingerale per 1 gallon jug of frozen punch. It will be slushy!

  4. Autumn says:

    Wanted to thank you for actually having printables…and being free. I have been searching the internet for hours to find something that was for boy baby showers. Thanks to you, I have finally found what I needed and can relax until the baby shower this afternoon. THANK YOU!

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