My Water Broke! | Shower Games on Etsy

My Water Broke Baby Shower Game Available in Pink or Blue or Cus

I got a request in the shop recently for a custom listing. I love creating new designs, but I had to admit that I had never heard of the “my water broke” game… but I was intrigued. So I did a little research, and found out that this game is quite the funny way to break the ice at your next baby shower! (see what I did there?)

To set up for the activity, purchase small plastic babies (which you can find anywhere from your local party supply store, to Amazon, to Walmart). Then drop one baby in each bit of your ice cube tray and freeze (or two if mommy to be is having twins). Give each guest a drink as the arrive at the shower (or early in the shower as you announce the rules if you want everyone to have a fair start) and make sure each drink has among the ice, one cube with the baby frozen inside. When the ice cube melts and baby is released into the drink, guest must stand up and shout, “My water broke!” The first guest with melted ice cube is the winner.

It kinda makes me think of bingo 😀 Since everyone can get involved in the game, and it doesn’t add to the structured time of the shower, it makes a great addition! You can now find “My Water Broke” in my Etsy Shop in pink or blue. Need your game another color to match your shower? No problem, I love to create custom listings!

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