Little Hats by Little Hands | An Extraordinary Project

Little Hats by Little Hands,12 year old Chrissy knits hats to donate to local hospitals | Krysteena Marie Photoblog

I often get suggestions to “like” pages on Facebook. I sometimes overlook requests, but I was intrigued by a suggestion sent by my good friend, Jennifer recently. I decided to take a look at Little Hats by Little Hands… and I was so happy I did.

Little Hats is a project started by twelve year old Chrissy of Brighton, Colorado. After visiting a family member in the hospital over Christmas break, Chrissy decided that she wanted to knit hats to donate to babies in the maternity ward. Chrissy’s school focuses on the seven habits of highly effective people, and her mom says she was looking for a way to be a blessing.

Since Christmas, Chrissy has knitted over twenty five hats on her knifty knitter loom to donate to Platte Valley Hospital in Brighton and to a local physician’s office for their newborns. Since it’s start, her project has grown from from it’s original goal. In addition to knitting hats for infants, Chrissy is also working on adult and youth hats to donate to local police and fire stations so that they may give them to people in need.

I was so impressed with Chrissy’s selfless project that I knew I wanted to do whatever I could to help. So I shipped off some yarn as soon as I could and I promised to spread the word! If you would like to help Little Hats by Little Hands, the project is currently accepting donations of yarn. And as they told me… the soft and fluffier, the better!  Soft yarn is great for Chrissy’s infant hats, and the thick stuff helps to keep bigger heads warm too (being a Florida girl myself, I wouldn’t have thought about that… since today is the first time I’ve seen even a hint of frost this season 😉 ).

If you’re as inspired as I am by this extraordinary young lady, please stop by the Little Hats by Little Hands page and let her know… and be sure to help spread the word by sharing her page! You’ll find more information about Chrissy and her project on her page, and you can contact her mom, Wendy, for more information about making a donation.


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