Fun With Food | Theresa Crout’s Barbecue Challenge

If you haven’t seen The Kitchen Project, you’ve got to stop by Theresa Crout’s blog and see all the fun things she’s been doing with food! Locals may recognize Theresa’s work from all over the bay area, most recently her beautiful voodoo board for the Red Bull Wake Art Project.

But believe me when I tell you she takes art to a whole new level with her kitchen concoctions:) And if you’re feeling crafty, or just looking for something fun to do with your leftovers from the fourth, Theresa has a barbecue challenge for you. Only thing is… it ends tonight. So get in the kitchen and get to work!

Here’s mine and R.J.’s collaboration for the challenge to give you a little inspiration.

It’s… hot dogs… get it? 🙂

Hot Dogs Weiner dog